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Constitutional types in Chinese Medicine.

Guidelines of these various types you can greatly increase health.

Cold Type

With cold, the body’s yang energy, which is responsible for warming and activating bodily functions, has been overwhelmed by excess cold. Excess cold conditions can happen in several ways, including exposure to excess cold in the environment. Consider not only natural but also man made environments, for ixample working in refrigerated areas or air conditioning. An additional factor can be the excess consumption of cold food, drink, and raw food, such as ice cream, green salads or iced water in winter. Cold may also arise in response to an illness where the initial cold pathogen has not been resolved. The cold can then become retained, locked deep in the body. Foods to resolve internal cold include;

Grains Vegetables Fruit Nuts and seeds Fish Meat Herbs and spices Beverages Condimenty
Sweet rice Caper, leek, mustard leaf, onion, scallion, squash, sweet potato, tumip Cherry,lychee, peach Chestnut, coconut milk, pine kernels, walnuts Anchovy, mussel, shrimp, prawn, trout Chicken, sheep’s kidney Basil, black pepper, bay, cayenne, chilli, chive, cinnamon bark, clove, coriander seed, dill seed, fennel seed, garlic, ginger (dry and fresh), juniper, nutmeg, rosemary Ginger tea, jasmine tea, lemon balm te4 spearmint tea, wine Barley malt, vinegar
Examples of every day western foods that can be used to eliminate true internal cold include; . . . . ‘ Slowly cooked winter vegetable and or chicken casseroles with bay leaves, wine and warming spices as above Rice ponidge with cinnamon and nutmeg To assist the body in dealing with excess internal cold you need to maintain regular physical activity, dress warmly and use warmth on any painful areas that find warmth beneficial. It ir i^po.t*t to avoid consuming large quantities of raw fruit, juices, green salads, raw foods and chilled liquids. Wh”tt using food to treat coid conditions you need to support your body by using both warming methods of food preparation and consuming warming foods. ln the acute stages of a pathogenic cold invasion (for example a common cold with more chills than fever), {9Y may use warming and spicy foods to drive out cold, even to the extent of inducing sweating. Note; Chicken is recommended in the recovery period but not the early stages of a cold or fl-u like illness in traditional Chinese medicine. A useful home remedy for the start of a cold; Take a thumb nail size slice of fresh ginger and the white section of two spring onion stalks. Bring to the boil and simmer for 10 minutes. Drink as a tea
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