For at least the last 5000 years Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture has been treating fertility and supporting pregnancies.  This tradition has been perfected over generations to successfully treat various reason’s couples have trouble with conception. Although no ‘one’ fertility treatment can claim 100% success (including IVF), Chinese Medicine has significantly increased conception success as a stand-alone modality, and in conjunction with other treatments.  It has been well accepted in Australia and overseas that Acupuncture during pregnancy can greatly ease childbirth.

At Empirical Health we follow the  Chinese Medicine principle that looks at each individual’s whole condition and all the factors that effect their fertility.  This includes; diet, lifestyle, work, exercise, family life etc. As much as each individual varies from the next, so to do the individually tailored treatments that we give to our clients.

One of the biggest advantages of using Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture as a means for improving fertility (on top of it’s proved effectiveness) is that there are very few (if any) side effects to our treatments. We do not attempt to change brain chemistry, or other vital components of the body, but rather attempt to discover the root of the disharmony and bring that disharmony into balance.


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