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“The softest thing in the universe can overcome the hardest.”

— Lao Tsu – Tao Te Ching

Pregnancy Acupuncture Port Macquarie

At Empirical Health we offer affordable, professional and effective Acupuncture treatments for couples of Port Macquarie attempting to conceive a child. We hold current registration with all the professional associations and a highly trained in multiple styles of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine to suit everyones needs.

Chinese Medicine and Women’s Health

The female menstrual cycle is incredibly complex and often difficult to understand. Chinese medicine has a wealth of knowledge and experience providing naturally safe treatment to effectively treat many gynaecological conditions.

Conditions that respond well to Chinese medicine include:

• Endometriosis
• Pre-menstrual tension
• Fibroids
• Painful periods
• Irregular cycles
• Hormonal acne or migraines
• Menopausal symptoms

Chinese Medicine and Fertility

Chinese medicine has been successfully improving male and female fertility naturally for thousands of years.
These ancient techniques are now being used to support modern medicine, improving the success rates of assisted reproductive therapies such as invitro-fertilization (IVF) and Clomid.

In order to enhance fertility for both natural conception and IVF, preconception health programs can be developed specifically to fit you and your partner’s requirements. Once pregnant, ongoing support can be provided throughout pregnancy, birth and the post-natal period.

Pre-conception programs involve acupuncture treatments, herbal medicine and general diet and/or lifestyle changes to improve egg and sperm quality, balance hormone levels, regulate menstruation and restore general health and vitality. The healthier you are, the easier and healthier your pregnancy, and baby, will be.

Chinese Medicine and Pregnancy

A positive pregnancy is a joyous occasion, but it can often be over ridden by feelings of anxiety, extreme nausea, fatigue and isolation. Chinese medicine has a long history of providing safe, effective treatments during pregnancy and can be especially beneficial for those with a history of miscarriage.

The First Trimester (0-12wks):
During the first trimester weekly acupuncture treatments are recommended for the expectant mother. These treatments reduce the risk of miscarriage by strengthening and promoting blood flow to the uterus. They also focus on easing morning sickness and fatigue as well as any headaches constipation or discomfort that may occur in the early stages of pregnancy.
This is a good time to address any anxiety or fear that may be associated with the pregnancy.

The Second Trimester (13-28wks):
During this time, when the pregnancy is strong and stable, treatmenst are done roughly once a month. Here we focus on reducing the risk of gestational diabetes and high blood pressure as well as reducing ailments such as heartburn, oedema, sinusitis or pain syndromes such as sciatica or pelvic instability.

The Third Trimester (28-40wks)
Monthly treatments are still recommended up until 36 weeks where weekly treatments are resumed to prepare your body for birth. Week 34 is the optimal time to address a breech presentation.

Preparing for Labour (36 – 40+ wks)
Weekly treatment for the month leading up to a woman’s due date result in a reduced chance of induction, and promote a shorter labour time with fewer medical interventions. If you have passed your due date, a combination of acupuncture and home acupressure can be effective in encouraging labour to start.
We strongly support the use of acupressure during birth to aid pain control and promote partner involvement. We teach location and technique and provide a booklet to ensure it is carried out correctly.

Chinese Medicine and Male Health

Chinese Medicine is well suited to treat many of the ailments that men suffer from in modern times.
Some of the more common comlaints we deal with are general aches and pains, weight loss, quitting smoking, stress relief, fatigue, IBS, hayfever, sinusitis, migraines and insomnia.

As it takes two to conceive we also treat male reproductive conditions such as low sperm count, low libido and impotence.

Sperm cells have a long maturation time – 74 days. The state of your health today will still be affecting your sperm quality in about 3 months time. To increase the chances of conceiving a strong embryo, its important to get your body into optimum condition before attempting to conceive.

“…but my sperm analysis is normal”

World Health Organisation standards for ‘normal sperm’ are more than 1.5ml produced (volume), more than 15 million sperm per ml (count), of which 50% are vigorously moving (motility) and over 4% are normally formed (morphology).

A few generations ago, research suggests that the average sperm count was double what it is now, with a higher percentage of motility and morphology. This indicates that if a sperm analysis fits into the lower (or even upper) percentiles of the bell curve for ‘normal sperm’, there is plenty of room for improvement, and speaks to us of the damaging affect of our modern lifestyles on our sperm quality.

It is not unusual for a semen analysis to come back with low or borderline levels in a sperm count, motility or morphology. Thankfully there are many things you can do to rectify this. Often all it takes is a little change in diet and lifestyle (for a minimum of three months) to improve your overall wellbeing and consequently your sperm quality.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can help to significantly improve sperm quality and chances of conception.

A few things you can do for yourself

There are several things you can do on a daily basis that will help to improve your sperm quality. These include:

Supplements – Zinc is an important mineral in the development of healthy sperm and is found in most protein-rich foods. Antioxidants, Vitamins A, C and E, CoQ10, selenium and some Chinese herbs can also help.

Diet – It is helpful to look at your diet as ‘free medicine’, because what you eat has a direct impact in your health and wellbeing. There are many foods that aid or harm sperm development, and food that we either recommend or advise against for particular body types. Feel free to talk to us for guidelines.

No smoking – Studies have shown that sperm counts in smokers are 20% lower than non-smokers. Other studies suggest that this may be reversible with sperm counts radically improving after smoking cessation for at least three months.

Coffee – It can depend on your body type, but we generally recommend no more than one cup of coffee per day.

Body temperature – A cool testicular temperature is vital for healthy sperm development; this is why the testicles are on the outside of the body, and not inside! Wearing loose-fittting underwear and sleeping cool at night can help avoid damage to sperm.

Exercise – moderare exercise is important for general wellbeing and fitness. Weight loss may be necessary to increase sperm counts (and prepare for toddlers!) However, don’t exhaust yourslef with excessive amounts of exercise (especially cycling).

Chemicals – minimise exposure to chemicals, heavy metals, and BPA (beware of microwaving in plastic containers, or too much canned food).

Staying well – infections can affect our sperm quality, so maintaining good health and avoiding bacterial and viral infections is important. If you feel like you are coming down with something, see a doctor of your choice as soon as possible (Chinese herbs are very effective!).

Acupuncture – regular acupuncture treatment is an effective, relaxing way to improve general health and enhance sperm quality. Several studies show a significant increase in sperm count and quality after a course of acupuncture treatments. Interestingly, the more commonly used acupuncture points used for this purpose are located near the wrists, ankles, and on the abdomen, so it is completely non-invasive.

Chinese medicine has its roots in years of empirical evidence

Since the beginning of recorded history numerous civilizations have utilized acupuncture as a curative therapy. From the Pyrenees to the European Alps societies have made use of stone, bone, metal and even wood to balance the disharmony in the human body. Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to effectively treat numerous conditions. Our practitioners complete extensive training in this specialty field of Chinese Medicine. We are committed to continuing our professional development to bring this ancient art into a modern world. The Chinese and Japanese traditions have the most extensive information on the use of this ancient and now modern art form. At Empirical Health we make use of both of these traditional forms of this most subtle and profound therapy. Our Services page lists the health issues and conditions Acupuncture can assist you with.

What to expect:

  1. Some simple questions to help us determine your condition.
  2. A comprehensive diagnosis of pulse and tongue to determine underlying issues.
  3. Our practitioners will explain as much or as little as you like before treatment.
  4. Various fine needles will be placed in areas associated with your condition.
  5. To relax into the treatment.

Price list


Initial Consultation (Inc. Acupuncture) $110
Follow-up treatments $70
Short Consultation (30 Mins) $45
Community Acupuncture (1 Hour) $50
Cupping + Gua Sha (45 Mins) $70


Zheng Gu Shui Liniments 200ml $25
Wood Lock Balm $22
Die Da Wan (Thousand Flowers Liniment) $18
Zen Liniments 200ml $26
Trauma Oil $19

Other Information…

Acupuncture in Port Macquarie NSW

At Empirical Health we offer many services to the people of Port Macquarie. We understand that there are many different needs when it comes to health and wellbeing and we tailor our treatments to suit the individual. At our practice we use a range of styles of Acupuncture; Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, Japanese Acupuncture, Esoteric Acupuncture, Five Element Acupuncture, Balance Method as well as local point Acupuncture. We will find the best style that suits your condition to get the best results possible.

Cupping and other body work

We will make use of cupping and gua sha (a scrapping technique for getting rid of toxins in the skin and muscles) to achieve fantastic results for almost every condition. We use other methods of bodywork (such as Bowen Therapy) to maximise the effectiveness of our treatments and give our clients other options to benefit their health and wellbeing.

Working collaboratively in the community with other healthcare services

We have developed strong working relationships with other practitioners in the community to make sure that we can optimise your health outcomes. These include Remedial Massage – With David Meyer and Susan Haselwood of Sheng Chi Pain Relief Clinic, Personal Training with Jess Santos of Achieva.



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