“all healing comes from nature and not from the physician.”

— Paracelsus

Chinese Herbal Medicine Information

The use of herbal medicine is the basis for all forms of medicine on the planet.  Medicinals herbs are simply concentrated foods that are known to have higher levels of therapeutic value.  The first use of herbal medicine in China dates back to an oral tradition past down through the ages.  Recently (200AD) texts were written down as an attempt to consolidate this oral information.  Since that time these extremely detailed formula have been used to astonishing effect to treat a vast array of conditions.

Chinese Herbal Medicine treats:

  1. Both acute and chronic conditions.
  2. From colds/flus to auto-immune conditions and everything in between.
  3. Sub-clinical conditions or those conditions labelled ‘untreatable’ by other forms of medicine.

Price list


Initial Herbal and Acupuncture Consult. 1 Hour $110
Initial Herbal Consultations 90 Mins $110
Return Herbal Consultations 1/2 Hour $60


Tailored Herbal Formula $11-20
AAA Grade Herbs $9 /dose
Hand Made Honey Pills $20-49
Hand Made Powders $15-25
Topical Liniments $25
Herbal Poultices $25

Useful information…

Classical Chinese Herbal Medicine

At Empirical Health we follow an ancient system that has been passed down from generation to generation of practitioners.  Following the traditional practices of clinical practice and experience passed down from master to student.  We are privileged to be a part of one of the oldest lineages of Chinese Medicines – The Tian Family Lineage supported and generated by Dr Arnaud Versluys.  This system gives us a clinical foundation of nearly 2000 years of practice with which to draw our diagnosis.

The Pulse

By feeling the radial artery (on the wrist) we are able to accuretaly diagnose an image by which we can determine your current conditions.  We will then prescribe a formula based on these findings.  This system dates back to before written languages and has been shown to find profound accuracy in order to diagnose and treat a vast array of conditions.

During your treatment we will pay a great deal of attention to your individual pulse presentation and ask a series of questions to determein the ‘exact’ formula to suit your condition.

Types of Herbs used

At Empirical Health we only use the best medicinals available.  We are extremely passionate about the quality and sources of all our products and we go to extensive means to assure the best possible ingredients in ever formula that we prescribe.  We are so committed to this process that we actually hand powder and hand make all of our powders and honey pills every week to assure the best.  This service is not offered by anyone else in Australia and some formulas that we make are not available in the classical form anywhere else in the world.